DWaM's Mysteries

Strange and unique murder mysteries. Locked rooms, serial killings, cults, impossible disappearances and morphing ragdolls. Every story has something new to show you.

And each and every one is completely free.

Site art by selkie (@selkie_lynn on Twitter)!


Here are my recently-completed works!


My novellas. Size-wise, most of them are between 40-60K words, making them about a day's read. Most feature some kind of impossible crime, generally a locked room murder.

The only odd one out is undoubtedly "Aleph Null". Unlike the others, it is not hosted on itch.io, but Tapas, and was released as a serialized novel. In addition, it is not a mystery story (although it does feature mysteries.)


My short stories. All of these feature some kind of an imposssible crime, with a much faster pace and generally less complex (but, I think, still entertaining) solutions. Almost all are hosted on Medium.


My fan fiction. Although I've written a lot of Ace Attorney fancases in my early days online, this section will mostly just feature smaller, self-contained stories, likely featuring some kind of impossible crime.

Being familiar with the series they are a part of will generally be a requirement to understanding the stories.


Although not really focused on mysteries in the traditional sense or impossible crimes, occasional games are a part of what I do from time to time.

"The Firebrand" was made in collaboration with selkie (@selkie_lynn on Twitter) for Ludum Dare 45. My contribution was the writing.

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